We are the best carpet cleaning in Woodland Hills

We know you have many choices for carpet cleaning in Woodland Hills and thank you giving us an opportunity to earn your business. Most of our technicians grew up Woodland Hills. A large group of us went to Hale and El Camino. We have solid values and promise to provide the best carpet cleaning in Woodland Hills. Our office is located in Van Nuys and we service both Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. We clean carpets like no other, check us out on Yelp! We use only one type of truck mount in all our vans, the Prochem Everest 650HP Yes it is true! This is overkill for standard carpet cleaning however we are far from standard. Well when I get my carpets cleaned for my family, I want the best, this is why we use only the best. From our family to yours, we offer the best carpet cleaning in Woodland Hills. Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning will give you a free quote by calling us at 877-411-7631. We can provide you an accurate quote over the phone.

 How do we quote you?

We are able to give you a very accurate estimate based on the room count and room type. An example would be if you have 2 bedrooms and 1 hallway and one set of stairs, your quote would be $145.00 We only offer one type of cleaning. Our company does not offer a “basic cleaning”. We only offer a deep cleaning. The reason behind that is we don’t know how to “basic” clean a carpet. I’m sure you would agree, how do you “basically” clean? Well we agree which is why we offer carpet cleaning in Woodland Hills with deep cleaning quotes every time. We do however need to go on site to quote you for urine treatment. We are the best carpet cleaning company you want treating urine. When it comes to upholstery, please know the fiber type if possible to help us provide you an accurate quote. It is helpful for couches and love seats to know the length of the furniture.

Fabrics are divided into two categories:

Synthetic and Natural. There is a big difference when cleaning these and if you allow someone to clean a natural fabric the same way they would clean a synthetic fabric, changes are they will ruin it. It may not be obvious early on, but the fabric will fray and change color over time. There is a good change much of the color will come out and show premature signs of fading. We offer the carpet cleaning in Woodland Hills because we know what we are doing.

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