Looking for carpet cleaning in the city of Winnetka?

Quality, Long-Lasting Carpet Cleaning in Winnetka

We love Carpet Cleaning in Winnetka because of how excited our clients get when they see their freshly-cleaned carpet. Bright carpets brighten their day. If their pet has an accident or someone tracks dirt into their home, however, that excitement can fade all too quickly. Sometimes it can seem impossible to keep a carpet looking great between cleanings. That’s why Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning uses Teflon Carpet Protector. Normally after a carpet is freshly cleaned, you tend to notice stains a lot more. Its similar to the concept of when you purchase a new car, you always tend to notice that new and first scratch. Well now we have a solution for you, a way to keep your carpets cleaner longer! You may have heard of Scotchguard before, well now you can have it on your carpets with no residue. It bonds to your carpets and you wont even know its there.

Why We Use Teflon Carpet Protector for Carpet Cleaning in Winnetka

Teflon Carpet Protector guards against stains on your carpet like Teflon coating guards against baked-on grease on your pots and pans. It prevents stains and locked-in dirt more than any other carpet protector out there.

Without Teflon Carpet Protector, the water in wine, juice, and even mud can easily soak into your carpet, leaving behind unsightly stains when it dries. Teflon Carpet Protector works to repel water so potentially-staining substances merely float on top of your carpet, waiting for you to soak them up and toss them in the trash or wash them down the sink instead.

Expert Application with Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning

Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning will apply Teflon Carpet Protector. Our expert technicians can apply it as part of our carpet cleaning process so your carpets will look bright and new for longer. We are the number Winnetka carpet cleaning service. Simply add Teflon Carpet Protector to your order when you call for carpet cleaning in Winnetka. Keep your carpets cleaner and longer. Scotch guard carpet protection is especially recommend for pet owners.

Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning technicians work with Teflon Carpet Protector every day and understand the best ways to ensure that your carpet is maximally protected. We know the precise moment to apply the coating, how to rake the carpet to ensure complete coverage, and how to dry the coating properly so your protected carpet is ready for you to enjoy. We differ in that our carpet cleaning technicians are all employees. What does that mean for you? Well they are not purchasing the chemical. This means that they are willing to apply exactly how much is required without worrying about the cost. This protector is close to $100/gallon (our cost). So we will do it right every time. And the best part? All you have to do is give us a call!

Contact Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning in Winnetka and ask about Teflon Carpet Protector today. This is always a good addition to your carpet cleaning service to keeping your carpets cleaner longer. Call us today 877-411-7631 or email us info@losangelescarpetcleaning.com

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