Carpet Cleaning in Beverly Hills

You have found Beverly Hills Best Carpet Cleaners

We know how hard it is to keep your carpet clean in Beverly Hills. Nothing feels better under your feet or improves the look of your home like clean carpeting. The best way to keep your carpets cleaner and longer is to vacuum the carpet. The second best way is to have your carpets cleaned regularly. This is where Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning comes in. We use truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines and portable carpet cleaning units when running a hose from the truck to your home is not feasible. We provide carpet cleaning in Beverly hills and have same day appointments based on availability. We use a 13 step carpet cleaning process that ensures a job well done every time. It is with this level of detail that we do every job. This is how you know you have found Beverly Hills best carpet cleaners. Call today for an appointment 877-411-7631.

What method do you use to clean the carpets?

We two methods described below. A truck mounted and portable system can be used.

On the go carpet cleaning truck for Beverly Hills with wonderful reach Steam Cleaning with a Truck Mount

The carpet cleaning method we use is called hot water extraction but is very commonly referred to as steam cleaning. Our truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment gets the solution above 240 degrees when leaving the truck. All our truck mounts use the Prochem Everest 650. Not all carpet cleaning companies are equipped equally. We use nothing but best to get you the results we know you want. When ever possible, a truck mount is recommenced but whenever you our van must park more than one hundred feel.

Steam Cleaning with a portable unit

We often get a customer who simply does not want cleaning with a portable.
portable carpet cleaning in Beverly Hills for those hard to reach places There is nothing wrong with a portable carpet cleaning machine. In fact, when you need to run more than 200 ft of hose, a portable carpet extractor may be your best option. It is a well-known fact that a portable unit wont heat as well or vacuum as well as a truck mounted unit. However, for every link of hose ran from a truck to your home, you loose both suction and heat via convection. A portable get closer therefore the water is hotter and closer means no links to loose suction.

What does the carpet cleaning process entail?

In a nutshell, there are 13 steps to our carpet cleaning in Beverly Hills. Summarized, a typical cleaning involves pre-conditioning of the heavy soiled areas with an alkaline 7 or above. We also offer a Green Eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution. We then allow a dwell time. This gives the chemicals enough time to work. We then agitate the carpet, loosening soil and bringing it to the surface. At this point we are ready to being our steam cleaning. We include a conditioner also known as a neutralizer. This step allows us to avoid the question of: Why did my carpets get dirty so fast? I just had them cleaned? The carpets are dried during this rinsing step. A typical carpet should be dry or lightly damp 2 to 6 hours after cleaning. Wool carpet will see longer drying times and we recommend using floor fans to speed up drying times in these cases.

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