Tile and Grout Spinner used by Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning


Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning cleans Tile and grout. Grout lines are porous and therefore absorb dirt and contaminants. Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning uses a specialized tool called a tile and grout spinner to clean and sanitize at the same time. We can safely remove mildew and other bacteria growing in grout lines and other hard to reach places. The process is very clean and efficient, call for a free estimate.


Over time dirt and deposits become embedded in the recesses and crevices of your tile surface and grout. Unfortunately, most cleaning products and and tools simply can’t clean these are hard to get areas. We use industrial strength cleaning solutions, combined with special scrub brushes. Don’t hesitate, call us at (818) 650-0955 today.

It’s always best to clean tile and grout stains while they are fresh. A real good way to clean tile and grout at home is to use oxygenated bleach. It is not only non-toxic, but doesn’t produce harsh fumes and is color safe. Colored grout can become discolored with harsh chemicals. The oxygen ions eat away at the stain molecules by breaking them down that can be easily rinsed away. This is similar to what our Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning professional technicians use except we have specialized tile and grout spinners specifically design with the appropriate steam and PSI to achieve maximum cleanliness, while preserving the grouts integrity. We can also offer you Carpet Cleaning services in Los Angeles while we are there. Save money by doing both services at the same time. 

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