Our advance equipment is specifically designed to remove pet stains and odor. We use UV lights to find the source of the urine and treat the spots. Carpets can grow bacteria and we use enzymes combined with deep carpet cleaning to clean your carpets completely. We use specialized tools to clean deep down to the padding (water claw). Short of replacing the padding or new carpet, this is the next best method to completely remove pet stains and urine odor. We are your local carpet cleaning company in Los Angeles, give us a call to schedule

Pet Urine Stain Removal From Your Oriental Carpets, Persian Rugs & Kilims

We receive many rugs everyday with cat or dog urine stains on them. Don’t get mad at your pets, we will take care of the pet stain removal.

We all know pet stains happen, here are some tips to minimize the damage. First you must pick up as much of it as possible. This can be achieved by getting a white rag and blotting the urine. Be careful not to rub it in as wool and other natural fibers will absorb these liquids. Remember that urine begins to change in PH balance from an acid to an alkaline quickly. The sooner you call us the better. If you choose to use a at home spray, ensure that you do not use anything with enzymes on natural rugs. The enzymes will feed off of natural fibers such as wool and will cause damage quickly. Do not rush and put everything under the sun on the stain until it comes up, some chemicals and liquid can very well solidify the stain. Most important, do not mix and match chemicals, if one doesn’t work, don’t jump to the next, mixing and matching is not good. If you do try and purchase a chemical for your rug at your local store, ensure its designed for rugs. Do not put a chemical designed for carpets on your rugs and they will damage it.

Our experts know how to clean rugs, the constructions, dyes and the correct chemicals to use. Let us employ our experience to provide you with excellent results. You can trust your everyday living area rug to your family heirloom and rest assured that we will know what to do. If your rug is too large for you to carry, we will gladly come pick it up.

  • The best advice that can be given to maintain your rug would be to vacuum it regularly.
  • Rotate your rugs annually to ensure even wear.
  • It is ideal to have the rug brought back to our facility as a more comprehensive cleaning is possible.
  • Remember when spills occur, do not rub, blot the stain with a white cotton rag or towel.

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