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Quality, Safe Carpet Cleaning in Pacific Palisades

If you’re looking for quality, safe carpet cleaning for your Pacific Palisades home, then you have come to the right place. There are many benefits to getting your carpets professionally cleaned, including saving time in your busy schedule and making sure you get the cleanest carpets possible. We think that one of the best reasons to use Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning, however, is our unique steam cleaning method. We use a 13 step process to make sure we clean your carpets right the first time. We make carpet cleaning in Pacific Palisades easy. Call today!

There are many methods for carpet cleaning in Pacific Palisades, but our method cleans deeper, leaves your carpets free of residue, and dries faster than you think. We have  developed our steam carpet cleaning method through years of experience in the industry and only use the safest, most effective methods available. Using quality equipment leads to fast carpet drying times. Using better soaps when needed allow us to clean your carpets green  using less chemical.

Steam Cleaning Vs. Dry Carpet Cleaning

Hiring a professional for carpet cleaning in your Pacific Palisades home can be incredibly fast and convenient, especially if the company you hire uses the dry method of carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, the most convenient method is not necessarily the best. Dry carpet cleaning might get you back onto your carpet a little faster than wet cleaning, but it has a lot of downsides that you should consider.

Dry carpet cleaning is not actually dry, essentially it uses less water. In order to achieve results, you are typically using stronger chemicals. Other methods include encapsulators which trap surface dirt until vacuumed up. None of these methods compare to traditional steam cleaning.

The less amount of chemical in your carpet, the better. When we are done cleaning your carpet in Pacific Palisades, we use a PH Nuetralizer. This allows any alkaline or acidic solution to reach a PH7 which is Neutral. When carpets are left with anything other than PH7 you will find that carpets get dirtier faster.

Dry carpet cleaning works like this: A chemical cleaning foam, which attracts dirt, is sprayed onto the carpet and allowed to dry. Then the caked residue is vacuumed up, taking the dirt with it. This carpet cleaning method is sometime called encapsulation.

There are two problems with this method. First, because the cleaning product is only dispersed onto the surface of the carpet, it does not reach deeper stains or odors. Second, the chemicals used are not non-toxic, and the vacuuming process often leaves some of the chemical residue behind to come into contact with you and your family.

Steam cleaning, however, can be far less toxic. There are two wet carpet cleaning methods: Shampoo, which can also be toxic depending on the products used, and steam cleaning. Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning uses the power of high temperature steam, which cuts through dirt and soil easily and reaches even the deepest stains and odors. The higher temperatures allow us to use less chemical give your a green carpet clean.

With steam, we can use gentler cleaning products and we can use smaller quantities of them. The temperature and pressure of the steam loosen dirt, as well as kill bacteria and dust mites. While detergents are used as part of our cleaning process, we only use non-toxic, biodegradable products that are completely removed from your carpet in the rinsing process. That means the next time your pet naps on your living room floor or your child plays on the carpet, they won’t be exposed to unnecessary chemicals.

Why Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning in Pacific Palisades?

One of the main reasons dry carpet cleaning is so popular is that it does not take a lot of time to dry. We understand when getting your carpets cleaned in Pacific Palisades moisture is an issue. Rest assured are equipment is powerful enough to get your carpets dry in just a few hours. Not all wet carpet cleaning methods take the same amount of time to dry, however. Most wet carpet cleaning can take 12-24 hours to dry. At Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning, however, we set up quickly and only need around 20 minutes of actual cleaning time per room. Then, we suck up most of the dampness with our equipment. Lastly, we use high-powered fans to speed up the evaporation of any remaining water if requested, so you can enjoy your newly cleaned, dry, chemical-free carpet in just a few hours.

From The Village to the Ghetty Villa, and from Tom Hanks’s modern mega mansion to Diane Keaton’s Continental dream home, no one does safe, quality carpet cleaning like Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning. Call us today for your free quote. If we have appointments available, we may even be able to clean your carpets today.


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