Carpet Cleaning in Santa Monica

great stain remover and shine added to your tileSame day appointments 

Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning provides carpet cleaning in Santa Monica. We understand traffic patterns and take this into account when scheduling jobs. We have good reviews and are rated 5/5 on yelp with over 210+ reviews. We know some condos can be hard to reach  which is why we offer both a mobile & truck-mounted solution for your carpet cleaning in Santa Monica. Some buildings have 6 units and some have 60, no matter what configuration you have, we can clean carpet in Santa Monica. Call today for a free phone quote 877-411-7631.

We offer more than just Carpet Cleaning in Santa Monica

Carpet Cleaning in Santa Monica is just the start! We also offer Upholstery Cleaning, Tile & Grout cleaning, and we specialize in delicate area rug cleaning. Our carpet cleaning is done with portable units or truck mounts depending on your location. Our upholstery cleaning in Santa Monica is done with specialized tools that clean just the fabric to not over wet your couch or sectional when cleaning. Our tile and grout cleaning in Santa Monica is done with a tile and grout spinner meaning we don’t make a big mess. The water is extracted simultaneously as it is applied leaving no mess behind. With our truck mounted, high power steam equipment we will get the deepest clean possible on all carpets and furniture in your home. We use the best mobile and portable units on the market.

on the go fast reliable service Green Carpet Cleaning in Santa Monica

We offer a product called Procyon. It is soap free, odor free, no VOC, Hypoallergenic, no off gassing, non toxic. We use no chemicals inside while carpet cleaning in Santa Monica. Our green carpet cleaning option keeps you and your children and pets safe during and after cleaning. This method is soap free so there is no residue left behind.  Our powerful truck mount seen above does the hard work. We use actual steam to clean along with Procyon to get deep into the carpet to remove all the embedded dirt. Give Santa Monica’s best carpet cleaners a call today at (877) 411-7631


Pet odor or urine in carpets?

no harsh chemicals used pets will be 100% fine Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning knows that love for pets can be as strong as love for children. We specialize in cleaning pet urine from the carpet when it happens. We offer solutions that extract the urine from deep down under the carpet reaching the padding when necessary. before we begin, we do a Pre-inspection. The UV inspection allows us to see the all urine and properly treat it with an enzymatic spray both above and below the carpet reaching all the way down in the padding. Our pet odor and stain removal methods are very effective and are superior to others due to the quality of equipment, methods and solutions. We go far beyond spraying a light mist of a scented spray to cover up the smell. (you can do that!) that is why you called in the Santa Monica’s best carpet cleaners. Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning cleans carpets in Santa Monica like no other. We actually get down to the source of the odor within the carpet fibers, neutralize it and leave your carpet smelling fresh and clean.

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