Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions.

Do you clean pet urine?
Our company specializes in urine and odor treatment. We use UV lights to find and detect urine. We use powerful enzymes and other commercial products to eliminate the odor. We have decades of tried and true techniques on how to effectively treat and remove urine stains and odor. Visit our pet stains and urine odor page for more information. 
How much do services cost?
You can get a carpet cleaning estimate by calling us at 877-411-7631. A technician is then scheduled to come to your home and give you a written quote and potentially begin the job.
Do you clean upholstery?
Our company specializes in cleaning upholstery. We clean Couches, Chairs, Sectionals, Mattresses, Headboards. There is no fabric limitation, we clean micro suede, wool, silk, velvet, or any other delicate material. 
How long does the cleaning take?
The actual cleaning process takes approximately 20 minutes per room/area. The setup typically takes 10-20 minutes based on how close our truck-mount can get to your home. If you are not close to street parking, let our office know and we can send you a portable unit to clean areas above the second floor. 
Can you clean my apartment above the 2nd floor?
We use portable units as well as truck mounts allowing to clean any home or office anywhere. We are able to bring the unit into your home/hallway via the elevator. Please let our office know if you need a portable unit. 

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