The Best Carpet Cleaning in Mission Hills

Have you been considering carpet cleaning in your Mission Hills home? There are lots of options out there, including cleaning your own carpets. We at Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning believe that professional cleaning is the best option, however, because of the many benefits our customers experience.

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

  1. Carpet Cleaning Extends the Life of Your Carpet

    – While you may think you’re saving money by not having your carpets professionally cleaned, you could actually spend more on replacing stained and damaged carpet without proper care. The EPA states that “proper cleaning and maintenance is a critical component of any flooring system.” Abrasives like sand and dirt grind against carpet fibers, especially in high-traffic areas. The acidity in many carpet-staining substances like pet urine, coffee, wine, and fruit juice also makes your carpet vulnerable to damage. Regular, professional carpet cleaning in your Mission Hills home can eliminate these particles from your carpet and extend the life of your carpet.

  2. Carpet Cleaning Gets Rid of Dust Mite Infestations

    – Dust mites are microscopic creatures, so most people don’t know when they have an infestation. Dust mites leave behind feces and body fragments, however, and these allergens are so tiny that they’re easily inhaled by you and your family. Steam cleaning kills dust mites and sucks up all those allergens, leaving your carpet infestation-free.

  3. Carpet Cleaning Helps Prevent Mold

    – Mold grows best in high-moisture conditions, so rainy weather, living near the ocean, or even taking showers in a nearby bathroom can encourage mold growth in your carpets. In fact, even the act of cleaning your carpets can invite mold growth if carpets aren’t properly dried. That’s why professional carpet cleaning in Mission Hills is the best option. Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning uses specialized industry tools, like the water claw and high-power fans to ensure that your carpet is dry before mold has a chance at life in your home.

  4. Carpet Cleaning Can Eliminate Pollutants in Your Home

    – In addition to allergens left behind by dust mites, other particles like pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, and everyday dirt and dust can get trapped in your carpet. These particles are troublesome on their own, but that’s not the only problem. Toxic airborne gases can actually adhere to these foreign particles and get trapped in your carpet as well. That’s why regular, professional carpet cleaning in Mission Hills is so important to your family’s health. The combination of high-powered vacuums, high-temperature steam, and non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners that Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning uses eliminates these particles, leaving behind only dry, fluffy, healthy carpet for you to enjoy.


Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning in Mission Hills

Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning works hard to ensure that your carpets are as clean, beautiful, comfortable, and dry as possible by the time we leave your home. So if you’re looking for the best carpet cleaning in Mission Hills, contact us today for a free quote!

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