Carpet Cleaning in West Hollywood

The right carpet cleaner for the job.

There is┬áregular┬áCarpet Cleaning and then there is carpet cleaning in West Hollywood. Parking in West Hollywood is very tricky, trying to find parking that allows you to clean a carpet is even harder. This is why we offer both Mobil carpet cleaning also known as portable carpet cleaning. Reaching an apartment in this area can be a job in it of itself. Our carpet cleaning trucks have long hoses allowing us to reach where other carpet cleaning companies can not. If you live in West Hollywood, you know when to “curb your wheels” and hopefully you will also know who to call when needing a carpet cleaning in West Hollywood.

Commercial Carpet cleaning in West Hollywood?

We offer both portable and truck mounted units so no building is out of reach. We offer carpet cleaning services day or night. Residential carpet cleaning customers are limited due to noise restrictions. Commercial buildings such as offices and retail can have their carpets cleaned at almost anytime during the evening. We specialize in removing high traffic lanes and the notorious coffee spills. We can clean your carpet in West Hollywood and you can get a free quote by calling us today at 877-411-7631. We are Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning and we do the best work in your home and your business.

Do you have fleas living in your carpet?

Our steam carpet cleaning service cleans at over 200 degrees. These temperatures allow us to clean what other carpet cleaning companies in West Hollywood can not. We know the in’s and out’s of what it takes to clean carpets in West Hollywood. Check us out on Yelp and Google and what our 13 step process has done for others in your area. We are rated number one for reason.

How do I get a quote or schedule a carpet cleaning appointment?

We aren’t like most other carpet cleaners in West Hollywood. If you need need a carpet cleaning quote, call us and we can provide you with an estimate over the phone. We ask that ideally you know the size and history of the carpet to get a better quote. We always do an on-site inspection of the carpet or upholstery before we clean. We provide free carpet cleaning quotes via phone 877-411-7631

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