On Site or Factory Cleaning ? We do both.

Area rugs cleaning can be an easy process! Let us first give our professional opinion. You should never get your rugs cleaned in your home. The only time should you should even consider this if the rug is a synthetic fiber and lightly soiled. With that said, let me say that there are two ways to get your rugs cleaned in plant or in home.

The first way is in home area rug cleaning. The second is referred to as in-plant area rug cleaning. If you have not had your area rugs cleaned before or know which method is best for you, we can help. Our technicians will evaluate your situation i.e. urine stains, vomit, red wine stains and recommend the best option for you. We can do everything from a basic rug cleaning to fully restoring your family heirloom and everything in between.

When to consider in home area rug cleaning?

  1. The rug is a synthetic fiber.
  2. The rug was relatively inexpensive.
  3. The rug is a solid color or design.
  4. You get your rug cleaned frequently.
  5. You have the ability to move it frequently during the drying process.

When to consider in plant area rug cleaning?

  • There is urine stains in the area rug.
  • You need to remove odor from the area rug.
  • You need to clean a natural fiber such as wool or silk.
  • There is a multi-color design on the area rug.
  • You need your heavy soiled area rug cleaned.
  • 8’X10′ or larger and you can not move it frequently.

We always recommend having your area rugs cleaned in our facility to achieve the maximum cleanliness. However, we understand that this can be cost prohibitive depending on the rug. So you probably want to know: How much does it cost to have my area rug cleaned? Although we can provide guidelines, an accurate quote can only be given on-site.

 What type of rugs can we clean?

Wool Rugs : Cleaning wool rugs can be difficult because they absorb humidity very easy and require special attention when drying. If urine stained, rug re-dye is also possible.

Silk RugsSilk rug fibers are very sturdy and can last decades. Cleaning a silk rug is difficult due to the dyes. Silk rug cleaning must be done at our area rug cleaning plant.

Cotton Rugs : Cleaning cotton rugs can be expensive and cotton rugs are inexpensive. It often costs less to buy a new one, than to clean. We will advise you on the best option.

Chenille RugsChenille rug cleaning must be done with care, you must never use heat on a chenille rug. Chenille is produced from mixing cotton, rayon acrylic etc.

Jute RugsWhen cleaning Jute rugs you must never wet them. Dry cleaning is the only approved method. Dry cleaning your jute rug. To determine if your rug is jute, the manufacturer will typically put a label on the revere side. Also look for cleaning codes for your area rug to determine how to clean.

Sisal Rugs : Do not use steam to clean a sisal rug this will cause irreversible damage to your rug. Your sisal rug cleaning is best done with a mild detergent you must not over wet this type of rug as it will brown very easily. The rug is susceptible to water damage very easily.

Synthetic rugs : If you are considering cleaning your synthetic area rug, this may be the only fabric type you can clean in your home. Cleaning synthetic rugs such as nylon, olefin, polyester, rayon, acrylic yarn are best done at our plant if they contain urine or are shaggy.

Specialty rugs : (Leather, Sheep skin rugs or horse hair) All specialty area rug cleaning takes approximately two weeks. It is performed at our plant, we pick up and drop off.

We have IICRC certified technicians that are trained in both carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning. We have technicians that are both out in the field and in-factory only. We have a wealth restoration process for area rugs. Due to the various fiber types and soiling levels, area rug cleaning can usually only be quoted on-site by one of our technicians. Rug cleaning involves a different cleaning process because area rugs are made of different fiber types than wall-to-wall carpet and must receive special care. You can trust us with any rug from your coffee table rug to your family heirloom. We are professionals and routinely clean hand woven, hand dyed rugs.

Natural fiber rugs that can not be cleaned on-site requiring a more intensive cleaning will be brought back to our facility. Rugs cleaned at our facility are treated with color stays and mild detergents then carefully hand washed. From food and juice stains to pet and urine odor, we can help you get your rugs the cleanest possible.  Here they will undergo a complete restorative process.

We can do far more than clean your rug, we can restore them.

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