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Why you should never clean a wool rug on-site.

There are so many reasons why you should never clean a wool rug on-site. Wool rug cleaning is not as easy as it sounds. Wetting and cleaning the stain is not usually the hard part, it is getting the wool rug dry after cleaning. The rule I would follow is if your wool rug is bigger than 5X7, I would not clean it in your home. The basic principal behind this, is that they take a long time to dry. Moisture in a wool rug can easily promote bacteria growth. Did you know that wool rugs can absorb one third their own wight in moisture before feeling “wet”? We are happy to clean rugs in your home.  This is typically a more cost effective option, however we strongly recommend against cleaning your wool area rugs in your home.

Thing to know when cleaning a wool rug in your home.

Although we have already strongly advised against DIY cleaning a wool rug at home, we will provide some instructions. We do not want spilled wine on a wool rug to become a disaster or a 3 day project.  Remember that wool is very absorbent and will get extremely heavy when wet. This means a wet wool rug will be much harder to move.

How to get the odor out of a wool rug?

If you have an odor in your wool rug, place on your patio and let it bask in the California sun for an afternoon. Do not leave it overnight as it will absorb humidity in the evening. If this doesn’t help, try again and if the odor in the wool rug you can try the below remedies.

Borax and baking soda are two lifesavers for offensive odors. Sprinkle this on the wool rug and vacuum it up. Wool rug cleaning is best left to professional. The amounts will vary based on the size of the wool rug but you can start with a 50/50 mixture. One cup baking soda and one cup borax. Pour this on your rug and allow it to sit. You can then vacuum this up powder. Remember that this should eliminate the odor but is not wool rug cleaning. Follow the steps above if you want to clean your wool rug.

If either of these methods failed to remove the odor from your rug, you should try consulting the professionals as the wool rug probably needs in-plant cleaning. If you need guidance you can call Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning at 818-650-0955. We can either help you on what you should do or come pick up the rug and bring it back to our plant for cleaning. An important note is that wet rugs cost more to be cleaned as they are treated as a rush. We recommend only taking on a wool rug cleaning task on yourself if you have adequate time and patience.

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