STEP 1:Pre-inspection

Every carpet undergoes a thorough pre-inspection prior to being carpet cleaned. We note soil levels and make appropriate recommendations. This is typically where your phone estimate becomes a quote.


STEP 2:Commercial Pre -Vacuum (additional cost)
Recommended for homes with pet hair or debris. Our technician can thoroughly vacuum your carpets with our Prochem PV12 commercial-grade vacuum. This step removes all loose soiling in your carpet fibers.


STEP 3:Furniture Moving 
We move non-personal items under 20 lbs at no charge. Please note that the final decision on what does or doesn’t get moved is solely at our technicians discretion as is the cost.


STEP 4:Specialty pre-spotting and pre-spray carpets
We pre-spray your carpets prior to cleaning for maximum effectiveness. Excessive staining may have an additional cost, Spots are pre-treated according to the type of stain, protein or water based carpet stains.


STEP 5:Pre-Groom Carpet
This can be done using a carpet rake or when a deep clean is needed, carpets are pre-groomed using a motorized brush to loosen high traffic area soil. This step is not routine and reserved for particular circumstances. The step is available for deep soiling. A carpet groomer or rotary cleaning machine (depending on soil level) may be used to further loosen embedded soil.


STEP 6:Deep Steam Cleaning & Rinse
Once the soil has been loosened, our truck-mounted hot water extraction process will thoroughly “flush” the soil from the carpet. This is typically known as steam cleaning. 


STEP 7:Neutralize Carpets
During our steam cleaning we typically apply a neutralizer/conditioner. This allows the carpet to become soft and not attract dirt. This step although note seen is extremely important.  


STEP 8:Post-Spot Treatment
This optional step goes beyond deep steam cleaning, treatment of specialty spots were not removed are done at this point. Enzyme treatments for pet stains and urine can also be added. 

STEP 9:Speed Dry
When time is of the essence, we can use high velocity air movers to speed dry carpets. These can be rented by the day or week depending on your needs. With our equipment and suction, carpets are usually dry in less than 8 hours.


STEP 10:Scotch Guard and Deodorizer
DuPont Teflon can be applied serving as a repellent giving you more time to clean up and remove spills and dirt before they are absorbed into your carpet. Please note this leaves no residue. 


STEP 11:Post Grooming
To ensure maximum penetration in the carpet, a grooming rake is used to ensure maximum penetration in the carpet of deodorizers, enzymes or protectors.


STEP 12:Post Inspection
A post walk through will be done to insure you are pleased Our technician will walk you through your home to inspect all work.


STEP 13:Quality Control Follow up
Our staff will call or email you to follow up on your experience with us; gather feedback and ensure you are completely satisfied with your carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning experience.


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